Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR)

What is Frequency Containment Reserve

Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) is one of the ancillary services provided to transmission system operators (TSO). FCR service providers contribute to maintaining system frequency within limits by automatically controlling active power reserves of connected assets based on the frequency deviations and the corresponding droop curve.

Required components

Teleport acts as a gateway for different types of energy assets such as batteries and corresponding battery management systems (BMS), power analyzers and meters, and solar and battery inverters. It can periodically query data from these systems and forward them to a third-party aggregator. Using a single API call, an aggregator can activate the FCR service on Teleport. By providing a droop curve, Teleport can dynamically control the active power consumed/deliver by an asset providing FCR service (e.g. Energy Storage System (ESS)).

Teleport FCR solution

Teleport works with a droop curve using an appropriate energy measurement device (e.g. Janitza UMG 806) to measure frequency (as shown below). The hardware solution satisfies following requirements:

  • Voltage metering range L-N: 0 .. 230 Vrms
  • Voltage metering range L-L: 0 .. 400 Vrms
  • Current metering ranges: 1 up to 4000 A
  • Accuracy of the power measurement: margin of error <1% (of the nominal value, class 0.5s)
  • Accuracy of the desired frequency measurement: <10 mHz
  • Measuring interval requirement for energy limited sources with a resolution of 1 to 4 seconds

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