The Teleport can connect to all Solaredge inverters and loggers which support SunSpecopen in new window protocol, e.g. Commercial Gateway S1-G-CCG-S. You can connect using Modbus TCP over ethernet (recommended) or Modbus RTU using the RS485 serial interface. The configurationopen in new window can also be done using the SetApp which is not covered by this installation guide.

To reach the main setup menu for the configuration using the Inverter/Commercial Gateway Display (LCD), follow the instructions in the Installation Guide of the specific SolarEdge device.


Teleport issues a command in order to enable the Grid Control functionality on the SolarEdge asset. As stated by the SolarEdge documentation, this command stops production and restarts the inverter.

Modbus TCP over ethernet

  1. Connect the ethernet cable between the ETH1 port of the Teleport and the LAN port of the Solaredge asset. If the LAN port of the asset is already occupied (e.g. connected to a router), navigate to our appendix for instructions on how to integrate with a router.
  2. In the setup menu, select Communication. Under the LAN Conf, enable the Modbus TCP. Confirm the following settings:
    • Port: 502
    • Device ID: 1
  3. In case the Port is not set to 502, select Modbus TCP, TCP Port, and set the port number and long-press Enter.
  4. In the Communication menu configure:
    • Server: LAN
  5. In the Communication menu, select LAN Conf and configure:
    • Set DHCP: Disable
    • Set IP:
    • Set Mask:
    • Set Gateway: or leave empty
    • Set DNS: or leave empty
  6. Ver, verify that the LCD panel displays <S_OK> and LCD panel of all inverters is <S_OK>