Power it up

Connect the power supply to the DC IN port and turn the connector clockwise to lock it in place.

Plug the power supply unit into an AC outlet. The Teleport will now automatically boot up and the Power button LED will turn on.

Indicator LEDs

The User LED indicates the state of the Teleport:

  • blinking yellow: connecting to the asset and Teleport cloud
  • yellow: connected to all assets
  • blinking green: connected to the Teleport cloud
  • green: connected all assets and the Teleport cloud


It can take up to a single measurement cycle (eg. 5 minutes) for the Teleport to detect that the connection is lost and to reflect that in the color of the LED.


Hold the Power button for a few seconds to power down the device. The Power button LED will turn off. Press the button again to boot the Teleport up again. The Power button LED will turn on again.