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Real-time interface

As of 2024 Dutch grid operators require a Real-Time Interface (RTI) on feed-in contracts between 1-50MW, in order to limit feed-in when grid congestion occurs.

Teleport devices are compliant with the technical specifications of the RTI and can therefore be configured to take those setpoints into account for the asets it controls.

Configuration requirements

A Teleport device can be configured as an RTI “Customer endpoint” when the following conditions are satisfied:


  • The configuration of the association parameters is known (by default, the transport, presentation, and session selectors are all set to 1).
  • The configuration of the IP address of the RTI server (customer endpoint) is known (by default, the IP address is set to

Asset owner

  • Teleport asset library supports available solar/wind asset(s) and power meter.
  • The contracted capacity and the nominal output power of the installation are known.