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The Teleport can connect to blue’Log XC datalogger with firmware ≥ 10.0.8 using Modbus TCP over ethernet. The logger comes with a number of available licences. In order to provide remote active power control to assets connected to the datalogger, the Power Control Modbus license is required. You can order the license directly from Meteocontrol.

Modbus TCP over ethernet

  1. Connect the ethernet cable between the ETH1 port of the Teleport and the Ethernet port of the blue’Log XC. If the Ethernet port of the logger is already occupied (e.g. connected to a router), navigate to our appendix for instructions on how to integrate with a router.

  2. If no router is present, log in to the datalogger via display. Press OK button and input your user ID. The default user IDs are - 0010 (full access) - 0001 (restricted access)

  3. Navigate to the network settings by using the directional pad and the buttons on the unit. Select Main menu, Telecomunication and Network. Disable DHCP and set the network parameter to static. Configure the following settings: - IP Address: - Subnet Mask: - Gateway: or if you want to use e.g. Meteocontrol monitoring platform

License activation

These steps explain how to activate the license on the blue’Log

  1. Navigate to System - Licence

  2. Select Select file and Upload licence

  3. A green check mark in the table Installed licences indicates the successful activation

Modbus Power Control license activation

The Modbus active power settings must be configured via the web interface.

  1. Navigate to Power control in the menu and select Active power

  2. Set the Setpoint command method to: Variable fixed value Pvar, Modbus