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The Teleport can connect to the Growatt inverters that support the Modbus protocol. Some old models, e.g. Growatt 5000 MTL, that do not have Modbus are not supported. You can connect with Modbus RTU using RS485 serial interface.

Supported models
  • MIN TL-X/TL-XH/TL-AH (US) models
  • MID, MAX & MAC TL3-X models
  • MAX 1500V, MAX-X LV models
  • MOD TL3-XH models
  • MIX Storage models
  • SPA Storage models
  • SPH Storage models

Modbus RTU over RS485

  1. Connect the serial cable between the serial port of the Teleport and the serial port of the Growatt inverter.

  2. On the inverter’s LCD display, go to Settings, follow the inverter’s user manual to enter the password: 123, and then navigate to COM Address. In the case of a single inverter, verify the COM Address is 1. In the case of multiple inverters, please set each inverter to a different address and let us know these addresses.

  3. Verify the following settings:

    • Baud rate: 9600
    • Parity bit: none
    • Data bit: 8
    • Stop bit: 1