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Camille Bauer

Teleport can connect to Camille Bauer power meters. You can connect using Modbus RTU using the RS485 serial interface on the DM5 series, and Modbus TCP over ethernet for the EM2x8x series. More configuration information can be found in the official documentation for DM5 models or the official documentation for EM2x8x models.

Supported models
  • EM2281
  • EM2289
  • EM2381
  • EM2387
  • EM2389
  • DM5

Modbus RTU over RS485 (DM5 series only)

  1. Connect the serial cable between the serial port of the Teleport and the serial port of the meter:

    • RS485_NEG pin on Teleport to B pin of the meter
    • RS485_POS pin on Teleport to A pin of the meter
    • GND pin on Teleport to X pin of the meter
    • Meter bus should be terminated with 120 Ohm termination resistor
  2. Teleport is configured to use the following default Modbus interface configuration of the meter (let us know if you use a custom configuration): - Device address: 1

    • Baud rate: 19200
    • Stop bits: 2
    • Parity: none

Modbus TCP over ethernet (EM2x8x series only)

Since DHCP is not supported on these models, a direct connection between the Teleport and the meter is necessary.

  1. Connect the ethernet cable between the ETH1 port of the Teleport and the LAN port of the Camille Bauer meter.

  2. Navigate through the settings menu with Up until you are able to set the network parameters. Please enter the following settings:

    • IP Address:
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Gateway: