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Real-time cloud control of energy assets

Adheres to standards

Supports read-out and control over RS232, RS485 and Ethernet, through industry standard protocols including Modbus and OPC XML DA.

Is secure by default

Teleport establishes outbound connections only. All communication is encrypted. ISO27001 certified.

Responds in real-time

Response times between cloud and asset < 1 second.

Connect to any asset

The Teleport connects to assets like inverters, batteries, charging stations and heat pumps.

Offers standardized control

A single JSON REST API to control all asset types.

Integrates with your systems

Can forward messages to destinations like your own database (eg. MySQL, Postgres, Influx), message broker (eg. Kafka) or webhook.

Your assets at your fingertips

Terminal window
# Tell inverter to limit power production to 40% for 15 minutes
curl -X PUT \
-H 'authorization:Bearer [token]' \
-d '{
"schedule": [{
"type": "limitProductionPower",
"percentage": 40,
"startAt": "2022-06-01T00:00:00Z",
"endAt": "2022-06-01T00:15:00Z"
"deviceHashIds": ["8de4y2"]

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