DIN-rail mounting kit

The DIN-rail mounting kit contains items listed below.

  • Wall/VESA mounting bracket
  • DIN-rail clip
  • 2 spacers, 4 flat head Phillips screws, 2 nuts

The device can either be mounted on a DIN-rail or with just the wall/VESA mounting bracket. The first two can be skipped if just the wall/VESA mounting bracket is used.

  1. Install the two spacers with two of the screws on the Wall/VESA mounting bracket. Wall / VESA mounting bracketWall / VESA mounting bracket
  2. Place the DIN-rail clip on top of the spacers and fix it in place with the two nuts. Din-rail clipDin-rail clip
  3. Screw the mounting kit onto the Teleport. Assamble to TeleportAssemble to Teleport