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Schneider Electric

Teleport can connect to a number of Schneider Electric metering products. You can connect using Modbus TCP over ethernet (recommended) or Modbus RTU using the RS485 serial interface. For additional information, please refer to the manufacturer user manual.

Supported models
  • PM3250
  • PM3255
  • PM5110
  • PM5310
  • PM5320
  • PM5330
  • PM5340
  • PM5560
  • PM5563
  • PM5563RD


Modbus TCP over ethernet

Meters do not currently support DHCP with a router, so a direct connection between the meter and the Teleport is necessary.

  1. Connect the ethernet cable between the ETH1 port of the Teleport and the LAN port of the Schneider asset.

  2. Access the meter webpages via the meter IP address and log in. Navigate to Settings > Modbus TCP/IP filtering or Settings > Communication > IP filtering depending on your firmware version to set the following settings:

    • IP Address:
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Gateway:

Modbus RTU over RS485

  1. Connect the serial cable between the serial port of the Teleport and the serial port of the Schneider asset.

  2. Confirm the following settings in the Schneider asset:

    • Baud rate: 19200
    • Parity: None
    • Device address: 1