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The Teleport can connect to the following WebdynSun loggers if the inverters that are connected to the logger support Modbus.

Supported models
  • WebdynSunPM

Modbus TCP over ethernet

  1. Connect the ethernet cable between the ETH1 port of the Teleport directly to the LAN1 port of the logger or via a router. In the case of connection via a router, navigate to our appendix for generic instructions on how to integrate with a router. Make sure to note the IP of Teleport and the IP of the Webdynsun logger.

  2. Access the setting file <uid>_daq.csv (refer to the original manual on how to access this file). Go to Ethernet Connection Configuration.

    • In the case of connection via a router, the logger should already be assigned an IP address by the router (you can check that IP address in the router’s interface). In the setting file of the logger, check that the IP of LAN1 is the same as the IP address assigned by the router. If it is not the same, change IP of LAN1 to the IP address assigned by the router
    • In the case of direct connection, check that the IP is for LAN1.
  3. In Serial Port Configuration, under forwarded_tcp_port, enter 502. If the field forwarded_tcp_port does not exist, you need to add it to the existing fields.

  4. If the Webdynsun logger also generates reports on its own, you need to make sure the Webdynsun does not generate reports at the same time as the Teleport. By default, Teleport generates reports every 5 minutes, e.g. 17:00, 17:05, 17:10, etc. On Webdynsun’s Web interface:

    • Go to Settings, click Networks
    • Under Schedules, if the Start time is 00:00:00, change it to 00:02:30. If it is some other time that conflicts with Teleport’s report time, add 2.5 minutes to it.