Data forwarding

All data the Teleport devices read out from your assets can be forwarded to a destination in your own cloud.


Contact us at to configure data forwarding for your Teleport devices, also in case you want to integrate with a destination that is not yet listed.


Data can be forwarded to one or more of the following destinations:

  • databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Clickhouse, AWS Redshift, InfluxDB, MongoDB)
  • message brokers (Kafka, Redis, RabbitMQ)
  • HTTP(S) endpoints


Our forwarders have IP address We recommend that you whitelist that IP address and block others.

Forwarding process

As soon as data from Teleport devices are received by our cloud, our forwarders will deliver it to your destination service. If that fails, for example because your destination service is temporarily offline, the forwarder will retry it 6 times:

110 seconds
25 minutes
330 minutes
42 hours
51 day
63 days

If delivery has not succeeded after 6 retries, we'll store the data for you for a while and contact you to discuss delivery options. Note that messages can be delivered out of order when they are retried.

Included properties

Next to the data read out from your assets, the following properties are forwarded:

  • attempt: see the table above. For numbers higher than 6, it means that the data forwarding has manually been restarted
  • teleportHashId: a unique identifier of the Teleport device
  • measuredAt: the timestamp at which the Teleport started reading out the asset. For some destinations (like Influx DB) this is the native timestamp property


These properties might be in snake_case instead of camelCase, depending on the destination.