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Industrial enclosure (IP65)


The industrial IP65 enclosure is recommended when it is impossible to install the Teleport in a dry location. If this enclosure is ordered, the Teleport will be mounted on a DIN-rail inside the IP65 enclosure.

The package is sent fully assembled; it only needs to be mounted, connected to a power source and connected to the asset(s). The power input of the device is protected within the enclosure with a circuit breaker.

The package always includes:

  • Teleport
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Power cable
  • U/UTP CAT 5e Network cable

Depending on the situation, the industrial installation package can be ordered with additional components. These include:

  • A network switch
  • A second (redundant) Teleport
  • A stronger external cellular antenna
  • An energy power meter
  • A 3-phase power connection

If the additional components do not fit in one package, or if the components need to be placed at different locations, multiple enclosures might be necessary.

Installation guide

Basic installation

  1. Mount the enclosure on the wall. This can be done in two ways:

    • Using the holes in the corners of the enclosure (visible when removing the lid). Corner Mount Mounting through the corner holes
    • By attaching the mounting slips delivered with the package. Slip Mount Mounting with mounting slips
  2. Connect the power cable to a standard 230V AC power outlet.

  3. Connect the network cable to the asset or network switch, as instructed earlier in the guide.

Connecting additional cables

  1. Unscrew the fastener on an empty cable gland on the bottom of the enclosure.

  2. Run the cable through.

  3. Connect the cable.

  4. Screw the fastener back tightly (if the fastener is not screwed back correctly, the moisture protection of the enclosure will be impacted).

Turning on the Teleport

  1. Turn the screws on the corners of the enclosure lid (the arrows should be pointing toward the ‘O’ symbol). And take off the lid. Opening Enclosure Opening the enclosure

  2. Flip the circuit breaker to a closed position (pointing upwards).

  3. Turn the Teleport on (the LED on the button should turn on).

  4. Close the lid and turn back the screws.

Enclosure specifications

Dimensions271x187x110 mm