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The installation process of a Teleport device consists of the following steps:

  1. Connect to the internet
  2. Connect to your asset
  3. Power it up
  4. Configure the Teleport

The device can be installed separately, in an industrial enclosure, with a DIN-rail mounting kit or in a server rack.

Connect to the internet

Connect the antennas

Your Teleport device comes pre-configured with the right cellular settings to connect to the Teleport cloud. It is important to always connect the 4G antenna via the ANT4 port. The reason is to either supply the Teleport with internet via the internal SIM module, or to serve as a back-up when internet via the ethernet port is down.

ANT4Cellular antenna

Left Side Panel

Left Side Panel

Connect an ethernet cable

If you want to connect teleport to the internet through wired connection, you can use the ETH1 port of the Teleport. The Teleport will use DHCP to obtain (among others) its IP address from a DHCP server (e.g. a router).

Back Panel

The Teleport requires outgoing traffic on the following ports. If the Teleport is behind a firewall, please make sure to open the following ports for the Teleport’s outgoing traffic.

porttransport protocolprotocol
53UDPDNS, used for domain name lookup
123UDPNTP, used for time synchronisation

Connect to your asset

Teleport can connect to a number of different asset types. You can browse the Asset library for supported assets of the following types. Contact us at if you do not see the type of your asset.

The Teleport generally connects through a serial connection or via Ethernet. If using a serial connection over RS485, the following applies.

RS485 schema

Main module

If you’re using Modbus RTU, connect the provided terminal block to the RS485 port, using the following pin-out:


RS485 / RS232 main interface pin numbering

RS485 / RS232 interface pin numbering

Add-on modules A and B

The Teleport can also be equipped with up to 2 additional RS485 interfaces. Connect the provided terminal block to the add-on board, using the following pin-out:

Pin-out ARS485 APin-out BRS485 B

RS485 add-on interface pin numbering

Connecting through a router

In some situations, the asset port you are instructed to connect the Teleport to (e.g., WAN) is occupied by a router. The router typically assigns assets an IP address from the router’s DHCP pool. For correct configuration, we need to know and reserve the IP addresses that the router assigns to the asset and to the Teleport.

The IP address that a device and the Teleport were assigned can be retrieved and made permanent by following these steps:

  1. Log into the router

  2. Navigate to the list of connected devices and note the IP address of the Teleport and the asset it should connect to. You can identify the relevant IP using the device’s name, or its MAC address.

  3. Reserve the assigned IP address of the asset. If such an option is unavailable, log into the asset and change its IP configuration from DHCP client to static and assign it an IP address outside of the router’s DHCP pool but inside the local subnet. Let us know the configured IP address so we can update the Teleport’s configuration accordingly.

  4. Optionally reserve the assigned IP address of the Teleport. This is only necessary when the IP address of the Teleport is going to be whitelisted in the asset, e.g. on a Huawei smartlogger. If such an option is not available, let us know and we can remotely set the Teleport on a fixed IP address, outside of the router’s DHCP pool but inside the local subnet.

  5. Now that the IP addresses are fixed, you can follow the asset-specific instructions using the IP address of the Teleport that you have received from the router.

Power it up

Connect the power supply to the DC IN port and turn the connector clockwise to lock it in place.

Plug the power supply unit into an AC outlet. The Teleport will now automatically boot up and the Power button LED will turn on.

Indicator LEDs

The User LED indicates the state of the Teleport:

  • blinking yellow: connecting to the asset and Teleport cloud
  • yellow: connected to all assets
  • blinking green: connected to the Teleport cloud
  • green: connected all assets and the Teleport cloud


Hold the Power button for a few seconds to power down the device. The Power button LED will turn off. Press the button again to boot the Teleport up again. The Power button LED will turn on again.

Configure the Teleport

The Teleport will be configured remotely by the Withthegrid team. We will configure networking, asset communication, read-out interval and control strategies. For this we will need information from you, which you configured in earlier steps.