What is Teleport?

Teleport is a device that you can connect to your energy assets. It connects to the Teleport cloud, allowing you to securely read them out and control them through the Teleport API.

Supported assets

We support energy assets that can be controlled over RS232, RS485 and Ethernet, through protocols like Modbus, OPC XML-DA, OPC UA, OCPP, SunSpec and EN61850 (Real-time interfaceopen in new window). Think of PV inverters and loggers (e.g. Huawei, Sungrow, ABB), Power analyzers (e.g. Janitza), battery inverters (e.g. Victron), wind turbines (e.g. Enercon), charging stations and heat pumps. If we don't have an integration with your specific asset yet, it is likely that we can build the integration free of charge. See Connect to your asset for an overview of currently supported assets.


Once you receive the Teleport you connect it to your asset, typically by using a serialopen in new window or ethernetopen in new window cable. Some assets then require configuration, for example configuring the IP address and subnet mask for Modbus TCP. The Teleport often uses the cellular network to connect to the Teleport cloud, but it also supports Wi-Fi or ethernet for that. We make sure that the Teleport device is configured properly for your use case and that its firmware is kept up to date. For more detail, see the Installation guide.

Read out

You can use the Teleport API to listen in to communication coming from the Teleport device, but typically clients want us to forward these messages to a destination in your own cloud. For example, we push them to your database (eg. MySQL, Postgres or Influx), message broker (eg. Kafka) or HTTPS endpoint. See the Data forwarding guide for more information.


You can use the Teleport API to control your assets.


Contact us at to discuss your project.

Assurances against lock-in

Typically we manage the Teleport device and Teleport cloud for you. We keep the device firmware up to date, monitoring stability of the cloud services and develop new features. We do understand that you don't want a vendor lock-in, which is why we can offer assurances like:

  • providing the source code of (and license for) the Teleport firmware
  • providing the source code of a cloud receiver that communicates with the Teleport device, to host in your own cloud environment


In case of any questions or remarks, please contact us at